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E-Manager is an improved account management system designed to replace the TCH carrier software. In addition to the same access and control you currently enjoy, E-Manager offers much more. The user-friendly E-Manager not only allows true real-time access to the data affecting your account, but also gives you added account control, and offers improved reporting options. TCH is striving to improve our business so that you can improve yours.

With E-Manager you can:

Set up multiple users with individual passwords and access limits for security purposes via Admin

View Credit Status and Credit Manager information for a specific contract (i.e. U.S. or Canada) via Credit

Research real-time Transactions via Reports

Export Transaction Files via Export Trans

Add or Remove individual One Time Cash via Cash Advance

Assign a reference to your individual One Time Cash Adds and Removes

View individual's card One Time Cash history, including the user that added or removed the cash

Issue and assign Electronic Money Codes

Money Codes are activated automatically on issuance

View Money Code History

Assign a Money Code to a specific contract (i.e. U.S. or Canada)

Change Card Status via Card Management, including Delete Option

Create/Update individual card and policy limits and or information via Card Management or Policy Management

Switch an individual card or policy to Hand Enter for emergency situations via Card Management or Policy Management

Override card limits in emergency situations via Card Management

Look up a driver using information assigned to the Company X-Ref via Card Management

Assign your policy a name for easy reference via Policy Management

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