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When using the TCH Card is not convenient, use the TCH Check 
TCH Checks allow for money transfers to accommodate emergency needs or simple payments. The most common use for TCH Checks is to pay for roadside services such as a tow truck or to purchase fuel at a truckstop that does not accept the TCH card. Because a TCH Check works much like a personal or company check, it is accepted practically everywhere. The funds used from a TCH check come out of the carrier's account just like using the fuel card, and the fees associated with the checks are the most competitive in the industry.

  1. Drivers carry TCH Checks and use a 19 digit number called a money code issued by their carrier.
  2. Carriers use a paper money code form or TCH E-Manager to generate a money code number for the driver.
  3. Before cashing the check the Payee must receive a valid authorization code by calling TCH Customer Service.

Money Transfers Made Simple 
TCH Money Codes are secure, convenient, and the most cost effective money transfer method available in the transportation industry.  From handling payments for roadside emergencies to facilitating driver settlements, TCH Money codes can accommodate all of your business needs.

Easy to Use 
A TCH Money Code is a nineteen-digit number used on TCH Checks for issuing, tracking, and verification. This sequence of numbers verifies the amount of the TCH Check and the account from which it was paid. A money code is generated one of two ways. Carriers can use TCH E-Manager to obtain a code electronically, or by filling out a paper money code form. TCH Checks and paper Money Codes can be ordered by calling TCH Customer Service.
Security Features Help Reduce Fraud 
TCH paper Money Codes are inactive during shipping and remain inactive until an authorized representative from your company activates them by calling our 24 hour TCH Customer Service line at 1-888-824-7378. Electronic codes from TCH E-Manager can only be accessed by those with proper authorization to do so and are also available 24 hours a day. 

Check Reporting Statement 
TCH E-Manager provides reporting features to help keep track of electronic code issuance and usage as well as a statement combining of all check and card activity in one convenient format. 

The Most Competitive Fees in the Industry 
As with all TCH products, the fees associated with the TCH Checks and Money Codes are the most competitive in the industry. You pay only the regular transaction fee you pay with the card per money code plus an additional fee per check. The carrier can also elect to deduct the money transfer fee from the amount issued to the driver, or to be billed for the fee on their carrier statement. 

Money Code Cancellation Fee 
The fee schedule attached to the TCH Credit agreement is hereby modified to include the following additional fees:
       Money Code Cancellation Fee: $25.00 per Money Code **

For More Information and the Applicable Fee Schedule 

Call: 1-888-824-7378 Ext. 6603

** Note that all Money Codes will be cancelled and refunded to the respective Carrier after six (6) months of non-use.

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